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Josh,Josh and more Josh, and anything classical.

Interesting facts about me

Like Maggs I was borne in Dorset UK but my mother was Irish.I moved here to live twenty years ago.I am a bit long in the tooth (ancient) but I love Josh just as much as if I was 20 years old.His voice attracted me first and then the rest of him followed.I now truly admire the young man he is from afar.I have had a lot of pleasure from viewing the boards and hope to continue to do so for the longest time.I went to see Josh when he appeared in Dublin and it was a real thrill.I cant wait to do it again.
I have been married for more years than I care to remember and like Josh,have always had and loved dogs.

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    Thanks Irene! When I was setting up my account, everything I could think of sounded lame, so I went with "Oldest Fan"! I may not be the "Oldest" but I am in the ballpark at almost 55 y/o! Are u the "Oldest"?
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    Reply from Irene Young:

    Hi Oldest Fan. Nice to hear from you. Whilst I am a quite a bit older than you, I dont think I am the oldest. Such is the attraction of a young man called Josh.

    Look up the "Granny Grobanites thread" it might interest you.